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No Dental Insurance? No problem! We’ve got you covered!

If you don’t have dental insurance you may be avoiding the dentist leading to increased costs in the future because of dental problems like cavities and gum disease. We also understand that the high cost of buying your own insurance may not be an option. Our Smile Assurance Plan is your answer for affordable quality dental care at a price everyone can afford. This is NOT insurance — IT’S BETTER!

It’s only $96.00 a year… only $8.00 per month for individuals! For families the cost is $96.00 a year for the primary person on the plan, plus $48.00 a year for each dependent. Every procedure is covered and thesavings range between 20 and 50% off normal prices.

Best of all there are no restrictions!!

Regular dental insurance pays only a percentage for a procedure if you abide by all their restrictions and limitations. With our Smile Assurance Plan you are in control, not the insurance company.

There are no waiting periods (immediate access), no deductibles, no pre-existing condition clauses, all procedures are covered (including orthodontics & cosmetic), and no annual maximums to worry about. You decide what procedures you need and when you need them.

With our plan all participants will receive the following at NO CHARGE:

  • One Comprehensive Examination (Normal Price $99.00)
  • One Full Mouth Set of X-Rays (Normal Price $139.00)
  • One Regular Cleaning (Normal Price $110.00)

Proper dental care is essential to one’s overall health. Dental problems are a one-way-street…they never get better on their own and usually wind up costing a lot more money.

Don’t wait… call today and see how our Smile Assurance Plan will allow you to have the dental health you and your family deserve.

See Below how much you can save with our Smile Assurance Plan.


 Regular PriceSmile Assurance PricePercent Savings
1 Surface Composite$190$12037%
2 Surface Composites$245$16035%
3 Surface Composites$317$19838%


 Regular PriceSmile Assurance PricePercent Savings
Porcelain Fused to Metal
(per unit)


 Regular PriceSmile Assurance PricePercent Savings
Soft-Tissue Management
(per quad)


 Regular PriceSmile Assurance PricePercent Savings
Anterior Root Canal$758$51033%
Bicuspid Root Canal$925$60035%
Molar Root Canal$1096$80037%


 Regular PriceSmile Assurance PricePercent Savings
Traditional Braces$5465$430021%